Greetings & Welcome to Per Ankh On-Line!


Per Ankh invites you to promote & support us in instituting Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology & Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education =CHATS4LIFEŠ! In Ancient times, throughout the Hapi (Nile) Valley Civilizations, institutions of higher education and systems of learning were called "Per Ankh". In English, Per Ankh translates into "House of Life".

A majority of contemporary universities and modern learning environments are based on the educational models and curricula of ancient Per Ankh. Along the eastern regions of AfRaKa, every Ancient Per Ankh was grounded within the socio-cultural and spiritual sovereign nation of Smai Tawi-Union of the Twinned Nations. Spirituality & Sacred Work were not separate from education.

Per Ankh, Inc. is an US IRS 501C3 charitable community development organization (NPO/NGO) in St. Croix--the cultural capital of the Virgin Islands. Per Ankh embraces practices, ethics, virtues and principles based upon Maat as truth, justice, order, reciprocity, righteousness, balance and harmony. All civilizations known to humanity have shared, learned, practiced and gained knowledge from and within the Ancient Per Ankh and its' cultural legacy bearing systems into the 21st century.

A prime mission of Per Ankh is the development of educational environments, university-development and institutions of excellence and higher learning. Per Ankh encourages our participants, practitioners, clients & supporters to:


(Know Yourself for the Greatest & Highest Good/Potential) Through progressive sacred work, positive words, nurturing thoughts and selfless actions!

We are positively khamitted to integrating ancient & contemporary living science techniques for improving the lives of women, men & children for more balanced self-liberation & organized life ethics that nurture health, wellness, family & communitarian prosperity!